Tablet Press ,ALuminum & Copper Tube Manufacturer

Wanhe Industry Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is situated in Liaocheng city, a scenic water town in the area north of the Yangtze River. In December 2002, our company was restructured from Medical Devices Factory with the registered capital of 72.89 million yuan and the total assets of 650 million yuan. We specialize in the development, manufacture and marketing of the tablet press, aluminum tube, copper tube and so on. Customization is available.

    1. <span class='one'>PG65 High Speed Rotary Tablet Press</span>
    2. PG65 High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

      The centralized lubricating system provides sufficient lubrication with all the lubricating points, like the punch and track. With high reliability, the system prevents shed oil from polluting tablets.
      Fitted with a touch screen, its computer control system is able to carry out main motor open circuit fault display, automatic halt, other fault display and warning functions.

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    1. <span class='one'>ZPYGS55 Rotary Tablet Press</span>
    2. ZPYGS55 Rotary Tablet Press

      Its peripheral housing and internal table top are manufactured from stainless steel. Additionally, to achieve GMP standard, the turret has undergone special treatment to ensure non-poison, smoothness and wear resistance.

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    1. <span class='one'>ZPSH37A Two Color Rotary Tablet Press</span>
    2. ZPSH37A Two Color Rotary Tablet Press

      Compared with the ZP37A, the ZPSH37A is capable of manufacturing the tablet whose diameter is as large as 14mm. It can produce round, irregular, dual-color or annular tablets in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electron and other industries.

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    1. <span class='one1'>ZPY27B Rotary Tablet Press</span>
    2. ZPY27B Rotary Tablet Press

      Since the drive system is individually placed in a worm gear case at the bottom of the main machine, there is no risk of cross pollution. In addition, the drive system can be fully lubricated, which brings about low noise and abrasion.

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    1. <span class='one'>DDY-Ⅱ Single Punch Tablet Press</span>
    2. DDY-Ⅱ Single Punch Tablet Press

      With high productivity, the machine is perfect for forming large tablets that are hard to form. Its maximum tablet diameter is 80mm, and the production capacity can reach up to 25 tablets per minute.
      In conjunction with the corresponding punching die, the product is capable of producing tablets in circular, irregular, spherical or ring shape.

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    1. <span class='two'>Aluminum Multi-port Extrusion</span>
    2. Aluminum Multi-port Extrusion

      It is mainly applied in condensers and evaporators with R134-A refrigerating fluid. Due to superior quality and large internal surface area, the product does well in heat conduction and is ideal for efficient heat exchangers. Our aluminum multi-port extrusion is commonly seen in auto motive heat exchangers, air conditioners, refrigerating machines, etc.

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    1. <span class='two'>Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube</span>
    2. Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube

      The cold drawn aluminum tube is commonly seen in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigerating industry. This light weight aluminium product can be applied in a standard heat exchanger made of mechanical expansion pipes.

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